Fine Art of Favorite Things



Lynne was born in Southern California but settled in the Bay Area with her mother and father.  Being part of a navy family she spent a good deal of time moving from one location to another on the west coast.  However, much to her delight her family moved to San Francisco in 1950.  She married in 1960 and  moved with her husband and children to Burlingame in 1971.


Lynne hasn’t had much in the way of a formal art education but was always encouraged by her family in all artistic pursuits. It wasn’t until she retired in 1999 that she began to explore in earnest the medium of watercolor.  Taking courses from the Park and Recreation Department in Burlingame she became adept to the techniques used in watercolor.  She was enthralled with the effect of light and darks on objects and tries to infuse these elements in her paintings.  She likes drama, which can be achieved with lights and darks and vibrant colors.  It wasn’t until Lynne was exposed to her watercolor classes that she became aware of how light and color is reflected in ordinary everyday objects.  She now looks for objects to paint in our environment that show drama.  She will only paint those things that move her emotionally.  She says, “I want to capture the essence of an object when I paint in order to make it a part of me.”


Lynne is always looking for ways to grow in her artistic endeavors.  She continues to take classes and workshops to improve her skills.  She is only sorry that she waited so long to pursue her love of art.


Lynne has won many awards from Burlingame Art Society, of which she has been an active member for many years.  And, has also won awards from San Mateo County Fair.  She won best of show from Burlingame Art Society for two years in a row and Artist of the Year in 2007.  Among her achievements, she won the prestigious Diamond Award for “Arts Volunteer” in 2008 from the Peninsula Arts Council for her volunteer work in assisting other in their pursuit of fine art.